Ved Vyas Inner Space

  • 2008

    Our Humble Beginnings

    VED VYAS INNER SPACE is one of the respected voices in today’s Organizational Development fraternity. With nearly a decade of focused development, we have helped our clients to build organizations which produce a high premium quality of benefits to shareholders, customers, employees & the society. We have over 27 years of experience in impacting minds through our training and enabling change in mindsets.

  • Shyleswari M. Rao

    About the Director

    Shyleswari M Rao is known for facilitating Self Awareness, Building Interpersonal Relationships & Teams.

  • Programs Offered

    Transition to Full Service

    Find out the core competencies of Ved Vyas Inner Space and the list of programs that we offer...

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    From our clients

    " Really grateful for all the inspiration and positivity I received from all of you. Thanks so much....

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